Casino in America: a look from the inside

Casino in America

Casino is a huge money pie, a piece of which is sure to get everyone who takes part in its preparation.

In its structure, depending on the traditions of a particular area casinos may consist only of a play area, and there are also casino hotels. In serious gaming centers, including Vegas, as well as in Vendover, you will find the last type of casino.

Parts of every self-respecting casino are sure to be:

  • Roulette – roulette, the symbol of casino games, small and somehow not very popular in the Nugget.
  • Pit (roughly translated as “trap”) is the central place in the casino, surrounded by tables for card and other games except poker.
  • Poker room – A room for playing poker.
  • Keno – A place to play the Kino lottery.
  • And of course slots (or slot machines), in huge quantities.
Casino in America: a look from the inside


In addition, inside the casino, as a rule, there are several restaurants of different price categories, gift shop, cocktail bar, stage…

“Nugget” offers 3 restaurants:

  • Nugget Buffet ($13 unlimited).
  • Golden Harvest Cafe restaurant, where we work (average dinner costs up to $20).
  • Stake house, a place for VIP clients (average cost of dinner – $75).

There’s also a small Starbucks coffee shop inside the casino. The cocktail bar is equipped with TVs, making it a sports bar, as it broadcasts major matches and sports channels. There’s live music in the evenings.

At the other end of the hall there is a themed martini bar. Strictly speaking, we cannot be in any of them (we are not 21 years old), but since we are in a friendly relationship with the casino management, sometimes we go there. Gift Shop (ie souvenir shop) is very nice to look at, but often empty.

Casino in America: a look from the inside

Bassein at the casino

By the way, it is forbidden to take photos in the casino, all the photos on this page inside the building are taken illegally :))).

The hotel in our casino is divided into two parts: more expensive, located on the upper floors of the main building, and more accessible under the name The Tower, in a separate building, in the patio of which there is a small pool.

Casino in America: a look from the inside


At the very heart of the playground is the real highlight, something that resonates with the name of our casino (“nugget” – pearl, raisin) – an atrium with huge artificial palms and a mass of real land plants. There’s also a small fountain, a waterfall and a bridge across it.

Rooms in the central casino building partially overlook this oasis, it connects the main building and the tower. One section of our restaurant is also inside the atrium, and I love it when I have to work there, although I have to run more.

One of the most popular questions from the restaurant’s customers is “are the palm trees real?” The standard answer is that only palms are artificial. And surely one of the visitors answers: “I knew that!”

Casino in America: a look from the inside

A bird in a casino

The presence of an atrium violates one of the basic principles of the casino, which excludes all kinds of windows and watches, so that people forget about the time of day and get lost in time. However, this oasis is already on the territory of the hotel, which justifies the idea of the architects.

Most casinos not only make people get lost in time, but also in space. Due to the intricately arranged mirrors it is very difficult to understand the size of the room in fact. But it is more evident in Montego and Raindow, our casino is made in a calmer and more classical style.

Casino in America: a look from the inside

Classic style

One day, when I was driving to work at 7am, an uncle came out of the Rainbow casino and seriously asked me, “Is it morning or evening?

The main difference between a real casino and slot machines is that there’s actually someone winning all the time. Of course, they lose more often, but nevertheless the game is absolutely honest. Gone are the days when the mafia in Nevada solved their problems by force, passed the times of serious robberies, and today a very strict legislation is engaged in regulating the gameplay.

In this case, the options of money laundering, of course, no one excludes, and the mafia has not gone anywhere, otherwise it can not be in this business, but the casinos have become safer, say, than it is shown in the same movies “Casino”, “Ocean?s” and in this spirit (due to the fact that everything in Vendover revolves around the casino, we and the movies watching the appropriate :)).

Casino in America: a look from the inside


Of particular interest to me was the process of forecasting casino profits, keeping records and setting starting bets for games and winnings. And it happens as follows: every game, whether it’s poker or blackjack, has its own mattress, i.e. probability formulas for calculating the possibility of winning, laying in which the necessary percentage of casino profits, and using the known rules of the game can calculate the necessary amount for bets, winnings and other details.

A casino is considered successful if it receives 20% of the amount included in it. Each game has its own percentage of profits, say, Black Jack – 25%, then out of these percentages is the average, which should be equal to 20. The most profitable and promising game is poker, where players play against each other, and the casino gets about 10% of the cash flow.

Sometimes it happens that the same person wins too often and too much. Then, quite legally, the casino administration can ask him to leave the game room, it is written in the rules.

Casino in America: a look from the inside

Rainbow Casino

But in any case, still going to the casino every person must fully understand that he goes not to receive, and spend money. Especially if he has no years of experience behind him. And although it is believed that the probability of winning to lose on average is 1/5, still in the casino you pay for the pleasure of being in his atmosphere, but do not invest in your prosperous future :). By the way, no one from the administration plays at the casino, because they know too well what it is. No, our director once played poker at a nearby casino, but after raising $12,000 per night, he was politely escorted out of there. It’s against the rules to play at your casino, of course.

However, every two weeks somebody wins a car with us, almost every day we hear the cries of happiness near the slot machines, the jackpot is paid regularly for $50,000. One day, one of our clients, a girl from Kiev, who lives and works with us, told us that thanks to poker he bought himself a car, and in order to insure himself, he allocates only a clearly fixed amount from the profits of his business to gambling. But in the main mass, visitors to the casino are the most ordinary kettles.

The hierarchy of casino management is the following tree:

  • The owner of the casino (usually a joint stock company, ie, family), does not participate in the management of
  • Director of the casino and hotel, controlling only the chief managers, occasionally carrying out unscheduled checks
  • Casino director and hotel director. These people are actually responsible for the overall profits of the casino, it is through their work the money machine brings income.
  • Directors of departments such as the games room, the security department, the food department
  • Branch Supervisors
  • Employees
Casino in America: a look from the inside


If you’ve ever seen the movie “Casino”, the hierarchy of control in the game area is very well and clearly described. Dealers play cards with casino money and follow the visitors to the casino. Pit bosses watch the dealers and the visitors. Shift bosses (shift directors) supervise the pit bosses, dealers and players. Shift bosses are watched by the director of the casino, and all of them are watched by the sharpest eye – densely placed video cameras, which are under constant supervision. These people sitting on them only report to the casino director and above.

And they all strongly recommend: if you find yourself in the casino and suddenly win – run 🙂

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